RAKINS (2015)


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crakin - scratch
greta darkstripe - screech
jimmy thrift - crash
bert raccoon - thud

cassettes available in puddles & trash cans across halifax.
sad rad recording club 2015.


released April 20, 2015



all rights reserved


RAKINS Halifax, Nova Scotia

self hating raccoon fronted burn out punk from halifax, nova scotia.

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Track Name: extinction endorsement
our from yer compost bin & into the streets! rakins' the ilk that you don't wanna meet. always vermin. never human. we both might be mammals but yer the fucking animals!
death to law enforcement. up with crime endorsement. creatures take back the forest & burn this town.
we want all the humans to die!!!
hunters - trampled to death by herds of elk.
police- turn yer weapons on yerselfs.
A.C. - lock yerselves inside a cage.
enemies of the creatures lay in yer graves!
Track Name: harsh tokes / stay high
you think cause we're raccoons we don't fucking blaze? you'll find us at midnight burning it up with the strays. light up yer lawn. hotbox yer shed. we're starting forest fires underneath yer new deck. stealing yer lawnmower & joyriding it into the harbour. faded & jaded. coughing up bong water.
harsh tokes. no jokes. yer out smoked.
paws on the bong. smoke till' we die.
fuck this planet. rakins stay high!
claws on the choke. I hate my life.
S.W.E.D. rakins stay high!
Track Name: stray cats lament
stray cats. poor fucking things. betrayed by people who said you'd be safe. matted & covered with fleas. emaciated. spreading disease.
save all the kittens abandoned in ditches. crying through the long night.
fed to the frost bite by human cruelty.
struggling to survive till' spring. sleeping in engines. avoiding the streets. gather yer failing strength. join with the dark stripes & make yer revenge!
Track Name: harley
derelict. discarded. vulnerable. targeted.
ten dollars is all it takes. bus shelter consumed by flames.
two human males with glowing eyes. inferno. victimized.
burning your kin alive.
Track Name: black hole assisted suicide
we didn't ask to be brought into this. numb to the violence you call progress. wasting all our lives creeping in shadows, dulling our feelings. part of the wasteland that keeps on growing while you hunt us down.
fuck you!
I want to find a place between dimensions & hide out on the fringes of existence & I'll never go back.